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  • Ninth Annual Conference

    Building Data Architecture, Memory, and New Imaginaries

    Dirk van den Heuvel (ed), Fatma Tanış (ed), Bing van der Meer (ed)
    1 November 2022

    Ninth Annual Conference November 2019 - Jaap Bakema Study Centre

    This year’s annual conference of the Jaap Bakema Study Centre (JBSC) revisits the broad topic of the digital. This time the focus is on the vast amount of data that are being generated and...

  • This series includes both Inaugural Speeches and other studies that deal with the built environment and that have a strong historical point of departure. The Chair of History is the driving force behind the series.

    Inaugural speeches have long been unique moments in the careers of...

  • How can we transform urban environments to encourage durability and mediate the social price of myriad risks and vulnerability?Our work here is to build a bridge from archaeology to mainstream architectural and design theory. The study of places, landscapes, and regions links the two...

  • DESIGN STRUGGLES Intersecting Histories, Pedagogies, and Perspectives

    Claudia Mareis (ed), Nina Paim (ed)
    1 December 2021

    Design Struggles critically assesses the complicity of design in creating, perpetuating, and reinforcing social, political, and environmental problems — both today and in the past. The book proposes to brush the discipline against the grain, by problematizing Western notions of design,...

  • Powerskin Conference Proceedings April 9th 2021 - Munich

    Thomas Auer (ed), Ulrich Knaack (ed), Jens Schneider (ed)
    7 April 2021

    The building skin has evolved enormously over the past decades. The energy performance and environmental quality of both the interior and exterior of buildings are primarily determined by the building envelope. The façade has experienced a change in its role as an adaptive climate control...

  • Living Stations The Design of Metro Stations in the (east flank) metropolitan areas of Rotterdam

    Manuela Triggianese (ed), Olindo Caso (ed), Yagiz Söylev (ed)
    4 February 2021

    Due to the growing demand for mobility (as a primary need for people to get to work, to obtain personal care or to go travelling), cities continue to be faced with new urban challenges. Stations represent, along mobility networks, not only transportation nodes (transfer points) but also...

  • In 2016, the Government of Suriname, financed by a loan from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), launched the Paramaribo Urban Rehabilitation Program (PURP), which contributes to the socio-economic revitalisation of Paramaribo’s historic inner city. It aims to attract new residents and...

  • Gentrification and Crime New Configurations and Challenges for the City

    Giovanni Semi (ed), Antonio La Spina (ed), Mario Mirabile (ed), Edoardo Cabras (ed)
    6 October 2020

    This volume is the editorial product of the project “Gentrification and Crime. New Configurations and Challenges for the City” started by a public conference held on May 6, 2019 at the Municipal Historical Archive of Palermo. This event was organized by Locus and endorsed by private and public...

  • Foundries of the Future A Guide for 21st Century Cities of Making

    Ben Croxford, Teresa Domenech, Birgit Hausleitner, Adrian Vickery Hill, Han Meyer, Alexandre Orban, Victor Muñoz Sanz, Fabio Vanin, Josie Warden
    11 March 2020

    This book attempts to shed light on the ways manufacturing can address urban challenges, it exposes constraints for the manufacturing sector and provides fifty patterns for working with urban manufacturing. This book has been written as a manual to help politicians, public authorities,...

  • The Story of the Bucky Lab

    Marcel Bilow, Ulrich Knaack, Tillmann Klein
    6 December 2019

    A book about a university docent and one of his courses – why would you do that? And what is the academic impact?

    The question of impact, especially as it relates to the rapidly developing culture of publications in scientific journals, should be the topic of a separate discussion....

  • Colour, Form and Space Rietveld Schröder House challenging the future

    Marie-Thérèse van Thoor (ed)
    13 February 2019

    This book on the Rietveld Schröder House (by Gerrit Th. Rietveld, 1924) sheds light on the thorough restorations of its exterior (1970s) and interior (1980s), and the principles for the furnishing when it opened as a museum house for the public, in 1987.

    Since the restorations, carried...

  • KLABS 6

    Pregledi održivosti i otpornosti građene sredine

    Saja Kosanović (ed), Nevena Novaković (ed), Alenka Fikfak (ed)
    15 September 2018

    Održiva i otporna građena sredina je složen sistem čije se značenje kontinualno razvija. Cilj ove publikacije je da problemu održivosti i otpornosti pristupi kroz sistematsko istraživanje različitih segmenata i razmera izgrađenog okruženja, odnosno da predstavljanjem preglednih radova...

  • imagine 02


    Marcel Bilow, Tillmann Klein, Ulrich Knaack
    1 December 2008

    Pneumatic structures have been thoroughly investigated and developed during the 1960s. However, the energy crisis and aesthetic developments stopped the process of employing these structures as a mainstream construction method. Nowadays these structures are typically used in special areas of...

  • imagine 01


    Marcel Bilow, Tillmann Klein, Ulrich Knaack
    1 July 2008

    Façade technology of the 20th century is related to the dissolution of the massive wall into a separation of structure and façade. Looking at the development of façade technology, after 60 years of curtain wall systems, 30 years of element-façade systems and ten years of experience with the...

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