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  • imagine 10

    Rapids 2.0

    Ulrich Knaack, Dennis de Witte, Alamir Mohsen, Marcel Bilow, Oliver Tessmann
    1 July 2016

    The imagine series, developed at our faculty at TU Delft, is a book series championing ideas, concepts and physically built results. It is for designers and architects: to inspire them and to create a culture of imagination. At the start, the editors needed to promise the publisher a series of...

  • imagine 09


    Ulrich Knaack, Uta Pottgiesser, Jens Böke, Max Ernst, Linda Hildebrand, Anan Ashour
    1 July 2016

    This edition of Imagine is about a mobile workshop concept, which is and has been travelling across Europe. It links several universities that are members of the European Facade Network, which is developing a closeknit cadre of facade designers and specialists. What is interesting is to see...

  • imagine 08


    Ulrich Knaack, Sascha Hickert, Linda Hildebrand
    1 July 2015

    This volume of Imagine demonstrates in an impressive manner the many facets of the material concrete, and introduces unusual approaches for sustainable buildings. It becomes clear how, with concrete, we can expand the architectural design vocabulary and align it with today’s technical...

  • imagine 07

    Reimagining Housing

    Ulrich Knaack, Linda Hildebrand, Thaleia Konstantinou, Hansjörg Wieland
    1 December 2012

    This volume of the imagine book series is called reimagine housing because our intent is to identify new approaches for the refurbishment of existing buildings with a focus on residential housing. It’s that simple – and that complex!

    The topic can be divided into several aspects which...

  • imagine 06

    Reimagining the envelope

    Ulrich Knaack, Thaleia Konstantinou, Marcel Bilow
    1 July 2012

    This volume of the imagine book series focuses on the building envelope, specifically the reuse of buildings and their envelope: There are many buildings that have an aesthetic, societal and built environmental value which needs to be recognized and transferred into up-to-date conditions....

  • imagine 05


    Ulrich Knaack, Thomas Auer, Marcel Bilow, Linda Hildebrand
    1 December 2011

    Climate design and climate engineering are nowadays standard in the design process. The more successful we are in this, the less energy we need to run the building during its useful life and we can focus instead on an additional aspect: the embodied energy – the energy we need for the material...

  • imagine 04


    Ulrich Knaack, Marcel Bilow, Holger Strauß
    1 July 2010

    Processes of construction are related to available technologies of production and assembly. IT has made a deep impact on design possibilities and the control of production logistics, enabling feats such as freeform architecture and increasingly precise elaboration. Alternately, the idea of...

  • imagine 03

    Performance driven envelopes

    Ulrich Knaack, Holger Techen, Tillmann Klein, Marcel Bilow
    1 July 2011

    The impact of climate design on architecture is obvious. But design trends are currently attempting to implement climate design merely as an additional item in architectonic planning. The alternative is to start with an architectural attitude that will produce a comprehensively integrated...

  • imagine 02


    Marcel Bilow, Tillmann Klein, Ulrich Knaack
    1 December 2008

    Pneumatic structures have been thoroughly investigated and developed during the 1960s. However, the energy crisis and aesthetic developments stopped the process of employing these structures as a mainstream construction method. Nowadays these structures are typically used in special areas of...

  • imagine 01


    Marcel Bilow, Tillmann Klein, Ulrich Knaack
    1 July 2008

    Façade technology of the 20th century is related to the dissolution of the massive wall into a separation of structure and façade. Looking at the development of façade technology, after 60 years of curtain wall systems, 30 years of element-façade systems and ten years of experience with the...