imagine 03

Performance driven envelopes


Ulrich Knaack
Delft University of Technology
Holger Techen
Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences
Tillmann Klein
Delft University of Technology
Marcel Bilow
Delft University of Technology


cover imagine 03 book on performance driven envelopes


The impact of climate design on architecture is obvious. But design trends are currently attempting to implement climate design merely as an additional item in architectonic planning. The alternative is to start with an architectural attitude that will produce a comprehensively integrated design. To achieve this, design teams must accept the equal importance of all relevant aspects and have an understanding of the demands they make. This Imagine book is related to a series of lectures given at the TU Delft and a workshop in which international professionals and students from various disciplines took part with the intention of creating an ambience deliberately oriented toward the generation of an integrated, performancedriven envelope.


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climate design, integrated design, envelopes


1 July 2011



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