imagine 06

Reimagining the envelope


Ulrich Knaack
Delft University of Technology
Thaleia Konstantinou
Delft University of Technology
Marcel Bilow
Delft University of Technology


book cover imagine 06 reimagining the envelope


This volume of the imagine book series focuses on the building envelope, specifically the reuse of buildings and their envelope: There are many buildings that have an aesthetic, societal and built environmental value which needs to be recognized and transferred into up-to-date conditions. There are two main reasons to tackle such challenges; on the one hand the pure fact that someone asks us to (if we will not do the job, who will and how?), and on the other hand the potential of existing buildings for future functionalities, uses and users. And this is where the concept of the imagine book series and this volume in particular come into play: To inspire, to identify potential and opportunities, and to not hesitate to strive for unusual, maybe strange and unexpected solutions.


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façade, design, architecture, envelope, renovation, VMRG


1 July 2012



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